The hidden door of twin flame desire

The hidden door of twin flame desire is something that most twin flames go through when they have to hide their feelings from the outside world, especially if they are in a relationship with someone else. You don’t always get to meet your twin ...Read More

How to heal twin flame runner pain

 Healing twin flame runner pain, comes with time. And more than anything, it comes from healing yourself, and every broken and bloodied shard, that this connection will bring up to release. So many people do not realise, and do not understand, that when you ...Read More

Twin Flame Poetry (part 1)

In the coming months we will be publishing poetry and articles written by those who are able to connect and feel what it’s like to be a twin flame and the journey. Here is part one, enjoy. Spiritual woman Stared up into the night ...Read More

How to explain twin flames to skeptics

Regarding explaining twin flame to skeptics, you should know that skeptical people are often skeptic because their spiritual and psychic abilities have long been shut off through the calcification of their pineal gland, plus living in environments where a cross-combination of their solar plexus, ...Read More

How Can I Develop My Twin Flame Psychic Energy?

Developing your twin flame psychic energy is simple when you begin the ascension process. The most incredible thing about twin flame ascension is that by default, your psychic ability will increase, and you will find yourself tuning in a lot more to your twin ...Read More

What to do if your twin flame is an orbiter

Many twin flames are orbiters, and the orbiters are the runner twins. Remember, that as much as your twin flame loves you, he or she always still wants to know that you care about them, so they will swing back. And when they swing ...Read More