Your twin flame in 2016


twin flames 2016

Twin flames in 2016…  how will your twin flame energy work in 2016?

Many people get the perception that you need to be with your twin flame soul mate in order to be “complete.” This is not the case. You can be without your twin flame, and even with any one around, and still engender that unique energy that the world of Twin Flames brings.

There are a lot of misconceptions about twin flames, such as one that is built on legends and fables… which are not entirely wrong, yet it’s not everything that twin flames signify. If you like reading and entertaining stories that deal with mythic fables and such, that’s great, and specially if they add to your well being and energy. On the other side of that coin, realize that twin flames, along with your energy… is YOUR energy.

This is your universe. You can make it as complex as you would like to, or you can keep it simple as you wish.

The energy within twin flames is so unique and powerful because it’s truly a recourse of our journey through past lives and into the future, and unifies everything all within our own energy in this moment.

Those past experiences that you feel within you… they aren’t a lost memory, they are in the now, and you can utilize them – the lessons learned, the energy that exists, utilize it in order to continue your current journey. In other words, you have learned from the past, and you honored your energy that existed through all this time, and it’s all part of your present.

That’s what I love about twin flames; each of us is able to interpret this energy, and this journey, in our own special way.

Some might enjoy fables, and mythic stories, while others want to use all of our stored subconscious knowledge, experience, and magic, in order to live life today to the fullest in a journey of self development, and to better ourselves with that energy.

Life is unpredictable, anything can happen at any moment, but this energy that we engender within, gives us a unique insight of what is to come…  and that is that we are in the process, in a journey, to connect with the other half of our soul. And it’s funny because this is not a connection of where we currently feel that “there is something missing” or that we feel “incomplete.”

This process of connecting with the other half of our soul is not because we are feeling any less being without that part of them, rather, it’s because in the process to develop our spirit we are sending out vibrant energy that acts as a reflection of our twin that exists within our universe.

That reflection within our universe will eventually sync with our twin energy, our twin flame, and in doing so it will honor that union of twins, that joy that tradition of being part of something greater brings.

You are part of something greater – and again, this does not mean you are “incomplete.”

And here is a secret… 

as much as your own spiritual energy helps you get through life, at some inopportune moment when you least expect it, a certain universal energy will be there to shed light into your journey. This universal energy will feel as if it’s your “unexplainable self.”

That’s your twin flame in 2016, a topic that we continue to explore in the weeks to come.  Please bookmark us and return again and we explore this new year within our universe.