What to do if your twin flame is an orbiter


Many twin flames are orbiters, and the orbiters are the runner twins. Remember, that as much as your twin flame loves you, he or she always still wants to know that you care about them, so they will swing back. And when they swing back they can often be referred to as being orbiters.

The best thing you can do is detach yourself from their energy, by doing your own psychic work as best as possible, because otherwise this type of psychic drain will leave you feeling exhausted.

When your twin flame does come round, be courteous to them. However, if they are still in the running phase, please do not feel the need to overextend yourself by chasing after them. The idea is to keep yourself and your energy rooted into the ground and allow your twin, who hasn’t done the work on themselves, to surface, to check in, and then they can disappear.

However, Do not allow them to bully you or state any bad behavior, because part of your connection is not allowing someone to show up, treat you like garbage, and for you to feel like you need to take it.

This twin flame connection teaches us to stand up for ourselves, and if that means that your twin flame cannot respect you, then they need to stay away from you, until they learn to do so. Remember, that you teach people how to treat you, and that you must reinforce your boundaries strongly. Nowhere is this more prominent in your connection to your twin flame than it is anywhere else.

You do not have to suffer because you feel that you cannot stand up to them. This alone may be delaying your union because part of doing your psychosomatic work on yourself means that you present a healthy and healed version of yourself to the world.

So when you find your twin flame is an orbiter, don’t feel “lucky” that they decided to reach out, you need to keep strengthening your boundaries, so they can work through their stuff and come back to you properly, or they can stay away until their full emotional work is done. This may sound like harsh advice, but it is something that in the long run will work exceptionally well for you. It gives you back your power and it enables you to live a life from a place where you don’t constantly feel that you need to wait around for your twin’s message or phone call.

And of course, we all know the old adage, what we do not chase, comes forward to us. So bearing all this in mind, when your twin decides to orbit around again just to check in to make sure you haven’t forgotten them, love them, however be firm with your boundaries and you will feel miles better. This is common with every twin flame situation, and you should not be alarmed thinking it is only you that feels or thinks this way.

My personal view point and overall picture, from having spoken to many twin flames that have gone through this, and through my own personal experiences, is that when you show others that you have respect for yourself, and you are someone who has been productive with your own inner energy, then those other people, specially your twin flame, will take notice, even if it’s on a subconscious level. They will know that you respect yourself, and that you are on a journey to better yourself through your own spiritual journey. And guess what? If you made mistakes, or you fumbled through this (we all have at some point), that’s perfectly okay. We learn from our journey through mistakes, but the important thing is that we incorporate what we have learned to our day today, and to our future.

Most people that walk away from your life will come back, that has really been proven from the many twin flames that I’ve spoken with. They will return, or you will at some point cross paths with them again. So if you continued to live by your virtues, morals, and continued to seek light within your energy – they will take notice.

Even if they run away, the truth cannot be hidden. Advancing in your own spiritual journey will always be something that they will notice on some level, and it’s something that cannot be taken away from you. So if you feel down, or somewhat powerless, realize that perhaps is not such a terrible thing that they are twin flame orbiters and they decided to walk away. Perhaps this is the time to work on yourself, and show them, and the world, that nothing will stop your growth, your spiritual journey, and dedication to move forward.

Your twin flame energy is not something anyone can take away. It’s all within yourself, and it’s all within your hands.


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