Twin Flames Higher Self and Lucid Dreaming



This is a brief explanation of twin flames, higher self, and lucid dreaming.

One of the most important things to remember about being a twin flame is that if you have overcome your ego, chances are that your twin hasn’t, and will be hiding behind their ego.

And it often comes down to your twin flame being a runner and not willing to accept the body and soul’s wisdom of having met the spiritually right person.

Our society places so much importance on doing everything logically that even falling in love these days has to be boxed and compartmentalized.

So how does this actually work and how can you invoke your higher self to be able to communicate with your twin flame?

I remember seeing my twin flame in my dream all dressed in white and I knew that my twin had approached me as their higher self.

My twin flame’s self was incredibly loving and caring and was all over me (sexually and affectionately) as well.

I remember my twin collapsing and I was frantically rushing around to try and revive. A few days later, my twin called me saying that she had been really stressed out at work and she felt like she was going to collapse under all the pressure. The thing with your higher self, is that it ALWAYS knows the truth, long before you do. Many people try and ignore it, much less try and bargain with it because it is so overwhelming. For those who have made peace with it, it is incredible to see how it works in tandem with your life and how far you can get with it.

 So what if you want to speak to your twin but you’re neither on speaking terms, or you don’t really want to reach out to them?

The simple answer is to conjure their higher self to be able to give you all the answers when you have a lucid dream.

A lucid dream is different to a normal dream because it is very crystal clear, and the feeling in the dream is usually what is counted during interpretation.

What your twin is afraid to say to you in person, he or she most definitely will reveal to you in a dream like state.

A lot of twin flames much as they absolutely adore and love their twin, AVOID them because they are so overwhelmed by their presence.

I remember my twin flame behaving this way with me. I’d get in front of her, or on the phone, and his compliments would start flooding my house.

She would come out with everything, and it sounded like it had been locked up for years, and it came tumbling out. She’d then quickly try and make excuses that he needed to get back to work because she felt control slipping away.

Runner twins are very conflicted, and if you don’t have a earthly connection with your twin flame, then the best way to communicate is through your Higher Self