Twin flames and sexual encounters



Twin flames and sexual encounters (what most are afraid to ask).

Here is one subject that I don’t usually cover because I like to keep my articles PG13, and I’ll try to more or less do the same here and approach this subject from more of a perspective of being an educational article on the subject of twin flames and sexual encounters.

Often times we discover a connection with another person that is so immense, unique, and spiritual in nature that we hold it to the highest degree of emotions and experience.

Quite often this occurs with our twin flame, and in our journey moments like these are the ones that propels us to discover what the world of twin flames is about.

Depending on where you are within your own twin flame journey, wether you already had sexual experiences and encounters with your twin flame, or not, we often see these moments as being some of the most unique we can experience in life. So unique that we feel that no other person can ever match those experiences with us – not the way by which our twin flame has made us feel through such a spiritual altitude that is often quite hard to describe.

What usually happens is that when we end up experiencing such moments of so much spiritual magnitude we are often left wanting more, whether we still have a relationship with our twin flame… or not.

If you still have a relationship with your twin flame then that’s great because this is something that you can continue to work on by continuing to make the relationship grow, and you can also continue to make your twin flame journey grow as a couple ascending into 5D.

But what happens if you want to elevate such sexual connection again and you are not in a relationship with your twin flame?

What can you do if you are not even in speaking terms with your twin flame?

Do you throw up your arms in frustration?

Let’s acknowledge that how your twin flame has made you feel is perhaps not something you will end up feeling with any other person… whether it’s sexual or not.

And from my own personal opinion I would say it wouldn’t be the right thing to do to continue to seek such a high level of emotions and sexual experience you had with your twin flame with someone else. It wouldn’t be fair to another person if you try to compare them to that twin flame connection you once had. We know this to be true, but it is our human nature to compare things anyways. We all do it. Yet when we catch ourselves doing such things, we have to pause and reflect within ourselves and make sure that we don’t continue to subconsciously carry this out – specially if it’s going to affect the new person we are connecting with.

A twin flame sexual encounter (for the lack of a better term) is a unique experience that can be felt in many levels; spiritual, physical, through dream, syncs our energy, etc. And it can be something in which no two encounters could ever be the same.

Twin flame sexual experiences are magnetic, in duality, and within a deep universal bond.

What I find to be a deep bonding experience might differ from what you consider to be a deep bonding experience… and neither of us would be wrong. These experiences are for us to hold and treasure and shouldn’t be compared. That brings me back to my original point… we shouldn’t compare experiences we had with one person to that of another.

Experiences you had with your twin flame are a gift that you have been given. You have felt that gift, you have dreamt about it, you allowed those moments to inspire you, and at times that gift has helped you move forward in your journey.

When we experience such gifts of intimacy and bonding they should be held close to our hearts, and we shouldn’t approach them from a perspective that we demand more. We shouldn’t approach any other relationship with the idea that we must feel that same way, and get that same gift from someone new. It wouldn’t be fair to that new person, and it wouldn’t be fair to us.

Think about it, if you got this amazing gift for your birthday, would you then expect another person to give you the same gift of value for your next birthday?

Instead, if we really value those moments we had with our twin flame, and if we moved on to have new relationships with other people… we shouldn’t get frustrated when they don’t measure up to the same level. We should instead inspired them and teach them how we once felt with our twin flame.

Regardless if you are still in a relationship with your twin flame or someone else, approach your connection and intimate bonding with that person from a perspective that you are both here to learn and give to one another.

Don’t seek to feel exactly the same way you felt before…. whether is sexual experiences or not. Instead move to appreciate all that yo have gotten… the good moments, and even the bad ones, because those moments make the fabric of our journey which will ultimately lead us to our final twin flame destination of one.

And personally I would go even one step further. – not only teach and inspire others to have new spiritual bonding experiences, but also I would feel this would be the way of paying back all those amazing gifts I have gotten through time.

My belief is that nothing is free, give back all gifts that you have been given, whether they originated through light or darkness, they were made to be a path along your journey.

If you believe in the concept of twin flames – you have gotten so much awareness and unique perspective on life and all that is beyond our understanding… things we sense, experienced and shared with others and the universe.

Personally, this is a gift which I must repay, so my mindset now is of repaying all that I have gotten instead of wanting more of it. Being a good person, helping, inspiring others, is a good way to give back… and you don’t need to be a writer, or have great insights to put that energy out into he universe.

From the process of you taking action, many great insights and source of healing and inspiring energy will materialize… even without you knowing that they would occur.

Don’t dwell on the past yet allow it to inspire you… your twin flame journey has many steps to go.