Twin Flame Poetry (part 1)


In the coming months we will be publishing poetry and articles written by those who are able to connect and feel what it’s like to be a twin flame and the journey. Here is part one, enjoy.

Spiritual woman

Stared up into the night sky.
Thousands and thousands of stars.
Bright radiant evening star.
Pluto you stand out from the rest.
I call you spiritual woman.

I have loved you more than any other women.
Your warm light swept me off my feet.
I have surrendered to your feminine beauty.
Crystal shining rays all round you.
Revealing mirrors to my life.
Good, bad, strengths and the weakness.
Oh spiritual woman.
The lessons I had to learn through you.
Some soft, others hard and ruthless.

Twinkling of red.
Parts of your make up.
A glowing heart.
I have loved you the most.
Spiritual woman.
You have hurt me the most of all.
Pieces on the floor, my heart.
Putting it back all alone, one by one making it whole.
Once more.

Farewell my friend, time to say goodbye.
Travel safe, peace and harmony on your path.
Spiritual woman.
Universal love with your future.
Be blessed.  Be good, Be free, Be well.

By Gavin~marc


I want the truth

Originally written by Queen Rivera

Can’t you understand what I want?
I want your truth!
The truth about who you are!
I don’t care if you pick your nose the weird way
I don’t care if you steal from your parents
Or lie to everyone just to look good in their eyes!
I don’t care if you cheated on me! I don’t care if you are lying to me
I don’t care about what you did wrong! I don’t care about your lame excuses!
I just want the whole ugly truth about you
Even if I know about it or got hints about it
I still want to know the truth from you!
Because.. I want to understand you…
I want to understand where you are coming from
I want to connect with you…
I want the ugly truth about you…
Because despite the ugly truth you have
I still want to accept you… I still want to understand you…
I still want to love you unconditionally… I still want to believe in you…
I still want to trust you… and I still want to respect you…
Because despite everything, my love is not lessened
I know deep within your heart and soul, you want to be accepted for who you are, for who you were and for who you will be
Despite the fact of your ugliest truth
Stop running away from the truth…
If you are scared, let me hold your hand
While you uncover each part of your truth
I’ll be there, if you let me…



Originally written by Queen Rivera

Don’t question the life I want!
Don’t tell me to get a job according to your standards!
And worst part, don’t threaten me with your money!
Coz I am not defined by your money!
My happiness doesn’t depend on your money!
I have plans for my life
The kind of life you refer as “impossible dream”
The kind of life you refer as “unrealistic”
The kind of life you think “childish”
And that’s exactly the point why I want to stay away from you!
That’s exactly the point why I am different from you!
Criticize me all you want, I don’t really mind
Spread rumors about me that I am no good, sure!
I don’t want to be define by your set of standards
It’s my life and I don’t need you to tell me how to live it
Because I want to stay true to myself
I want to work and earn money from a job that gives me happiness
Don’t tell me my life isn’t successful
Just because you aren’t happy with your job
I don’t want to be like you who earn a lot of money
But your heart is empty and unhappy!
So, don’t tell me how to live my life,
Just because you can’t be happy your own way.


Poem by Renai Sonic…

Never thought i’d feel a higher love
A thought that could inspire love
For you I feel a dedication
Space and time are no limitation
A thought of your eyes causes my heart palpitations….and
A thought of your hands causes my inclination
to place my heart in them
To selflessly give of me
Selflessly neglecting the
guards I put up unwittingly
Just for a chance to explore
if there could be more
Close your eyes and take a journey
to the brightest star burning
That symbolizes my yearning
to walk through life living and learning with you sistar.
Chilling with you sistar
Building with you sistar
Accepting you sistar
Protecting you sistar
Exploring you sistar
Adoring you sistar
Electrifying you sistar
Satisfying you sistar
Vibing with you sistar
Confiding in you sistar
Relieving you sistar
I believe in you sistar
Your iconic echo has traveled this far
for this long, i’d be a fool to doubt ya
Furthermore, it’s unravelled that only a fool would do without ya
And I’m no fool hun
You could say I’m a dreamer
I pray I’m not the only one…


Originally written by Queen Rivera
IG: @brokenmiracleofqueen

Every night I hear the whisper of your soul
Excited as you tiptoe to reach out my sole
Cold as ice, as I feel your presence tonight
Your loving presence like Edward of Twilight
Oh yeah! I knew you would smirk as you perk up
I know you don’t like to be compared to Edward
So, you move your face forward as you bite your lips hard
I close my eyes, as your fingers caress through my spine
I push you a little bit, to allow space between our heartbeats
But you pull me closer; wrap your arms around my waist
Your burning gaze that pierce within without any haste
The back of your hand leaves traces on my cheek
Your fingertip traces down to my lower lips
I gasped in my excitement
As I imagined the next thing that will happen
But slowly you move… slowly guiding me to dance
To dance to the rhythm of our soul under the celestial spike
Our emotions flare up, our heartbeat speed up
We shared the sound of our laughter like it’s the mystery hereafter
You stop dancing to the rhythm as you pull me close…
Wrap your loving arms around me, tighter
The warmth of your embrace that gives my heart serenity
Hoping and praying that this moment will last for eternity
You move a little, enough for me to see your imperfectly perfect face
I see tears fall down your cheek, confused as I look at you
But no words came out
But instead you pressed your lips against mine
I gasped in complete surprise
I can feel the depth of your love that lingers through my soul
A wonderful sensation that brings out my all
Each passionate kiss you render, lifted my spirit to surrender
Your tight embrace that swirl my world around
As if I am a happy kid on the merry-go-round
You painted my lips with a beautiful smile
As our lips parted for a while
I cupped your face with my hands
As I look deep within your eyes
I want to ask about the tears in your eyes
But I just smile as I wipe your tears away without words to say
One more time, you brush your lips against mine
Cold chilling sensation running through my spine
Like paintbrush leaving a mark on a canvas
Slowly… deeply… passionately…
Each kiss tells me how much you miss me
Each kiss tells me how much you love me
Each kisses tells me you are sorry
Each kisses that wipes my tears away
Each kisses assures my beautiful heart
While the wind chimes to the rhythm of fire
I can hear the melody of our own heartbeat
I thank God for this moment while we drown into the beat
Drowning to the depths of our eternal love
That brings our old memories back
The tears, the pain, the happiness and the truth
God knows how much I love you and how you love me too
I thank God for everything we went through, it was all worth it
And suddenly, I hear your manly breathtaking voice
Looking through my soul as you speak with sincerity these words
“I promise this time I will never leave you alone and this time
I meant every word I say as I asked your Father God in heaven
To grant me permission, to be worthy of His daughter’s love
To make her my Queen forever”
Each word you utter is like my bread and butter
My heart rising, produces sparks to each beat like car racing
I have been waiting to hear this, ignoring words from Hades
I can finally say that it was all worth it; it’s really worth the wait
Our mind, our heart, our body and our soul finally connected
Dancing to the only song rendered from my Father
The only song that make me dance to the road to FOREVER


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