The hidden door of twin flame desire


The hidden door of twin flame desire is something that most twin flames go through when they have to hide their feelings from the outside world, especially if they are in a relationship with someone else.

You don’t always get to meet your twin flame when it’s the most convenient time for you, and hence the hidden door of desire is really just speaking about the unconditional love that is always flowing of the cord of desire linked from one heart and hara chakra to the other.

It is the 5D that love randomly creeps up on you when you aren’t prepared for it, and you end up feeling your twin flames feelings. What is interesting is that every single twin flame that I enjoy speaking to, has felt the exact same way, especially when they have been overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions of not knowing what to do next.

Hidden doors of desire for twin flames often crop up when they are trying to squash them down the most.

If you are just able to let yourself feel the feelings that you have for your twin, you will often find that it is much easier to be able to honor those feelings and let them pass… if you so desire.

Not every twin flame has the interest of actually being with their twin (strange as that may sound), so you really need to do your inner emotional work to be able to let them just flow, in a way in which spiritual respect and admiration is still there but in a good positive, productive way.

For most twin flames it is not easy to describe the hidden door of desire, especially when it comes down to twin flame love, because it is something that isn’t felt from a 3D level.

When you love from a 3D level, you are very much loving someone from condition, and you are asking them to love you back ALSO from condition. It is very much like a marriage contract, based on a binding legal stipulation, instead of allowing love to simply flow naturally.

And in a way you can say that is an important difference between being in a regular 3D space and being with your twin flame in a 5D spiritual flow. 

So how do you work around this emotion?

One of the insights I have given people over the years is very much to just let your emotions flow as best as possible, and allow yourself to take up meditation, and things like writing, or even dream interpretation, to get that flow moving. Also, telepathy through meditation works really well, especially when it comes down to communicating with your twin flame.

You will often hear your twin flame speaking to you, and telling you things that they wouldn’t often tell you to your face because they are so terrified of rejection. When someone is so terrified of rejection – you will often find that coming to your face to tell you something is very challenging for them.

So what can you do to allow yourself to receive information?

Just detach. It sounds hard, but within the door of twin flame desire you need to learn how to detach from the outcome, and allow yourself to simply just feel your twin flames loving emotions towards you.

The spirit and energy of conditional and unconditional love is a long journey. Instinctually, us humans are made to love ourselves primarily, and then we move to the next step of not being too selfish and loving someone else, and in turn we do make a connection with that other person.

But this is not the end of the journey.

Just because you made a connection, and you walked through that door of desire, does not mean that ascension into 5D happens automatically.

5D is not just about loving yourself, or loving your twin flame, but it’s a higher state of loving the universe, because ultimately you will discover that you and your twin flame are the universe, the light, and the spirit. Once that connection is made, that is when 5D energy truly lives.

Walking through that door of desire can be quite an unpredictable thing because too often our focus shifts and narrows down on that other person, and that other person can perhaps just be focusing on themselves (ego based desire).

All of this greatly affect the journey into 5D enlightenment because now it’s about us or them, rather than the whole spectrum of universal light. We quickly forget the process, the journey, the light, and anchor ourselves in ego based motives.

Break the chain of this cycle of negative light by simply allowing your walking through that door of desire to be… a desire for a universe of enlightenment, regardless of the current situation between you and your twin flame.

That light is already within ourselves, but sometimes we have to train ourselves to see it.