The dark side of twin flame ascension


The beauty some people often fail to see within twin flames is the beauty of contrast. Some people can’t understand why someone turns into a twin flame runner, or why the process must be so painful to connect, or reconnect, with their twin flame.

It is that contrast between love and pain that helps us become more aware of what a real twin flame is, and what it is not. It helps us deepen our understanding of things and guides us through the process of going from a world of 3d and through ascension into 5D.

I’ve come across a few people (particularly younger people) that feel that they already know everything that there is to know about spirituality and the process of twin flames. I have to gently remind them that it is not just about “knowing” but practicing such energy, focusing on it, becoming more aware of it, and extending it out into the universe.

There is a paradigm shift that happens within us along our journey as we go through so many motions of energy. At times we might feel cynical about things, at times we might even feel rage and hurt, and at other times we might feel optimistic and full of life. We’d love to share our thoughts and feelings with others about this journey, but at times it’s easier to keep it all in within ourselves… and that creates even more of an emotional roller coaster within us.

Don’t let this make you frail, weak, or without hope. Through time, and through your journey, there will be a certain serenity present in the background. A certain energy that brings about a bit of calmness, even in between periods of rough seas. Those moments of serenity, even if they are short lived will help you grow, and will help you move along. And the beauty is that even without you being fully aware of this… you are ascending your spirit forward.

This is what I call the dark side of ascension because ascension can have many different levels to it. Ascension is not all about being super happy and jumping around as you live things out with your twin flame. Sometimes ascending can be slow, subtle, and even lonely. And that’s okay. You don’t have to be happy all the time in order to go to a higher spiritual level within yourself.

This reminds me of watching the ocean waves go in and out when I was a kid. I was mesmerized by the energy… it seemed so calm, and ever so present – without missing a beat. I felt so much beauty in it’s form and pace. It was mesmerizing.

Finding beauty and calmness within your moments, even the bad ones, is something that you need to focus on, even when you don’t feel like it, in order to push through difficult moments. At times it might feel that your twin flame is against you, heck, it might feel as if the whole world is against you – even when you have given it all you got.

Let the pain go. Realize that even within darkness there is still room to ascend. It’s a timeless process – it does not matter how old you are, how young you are, or anything else you might feel is a great hindrance. When you let go of any of these negative emotions, you will find that there was a subtle energy of serenity, a glimmer of hope that was always there – even thought it might have been hidden within darkness.

Yes, I know many people say “don’t lose hope in your goals and dreams” but such words become meaningless after we hear them so many times. It’s okay to feel that way, it’s okay to fail, and it’s okay to know that you will fail again. All through this process the energy of ascension into 5D has existed. It has been hiding there within darkness… that is why it’s called the dark energy of ascension. It’s not named because it’s something bad or evil, rather because it’s something that perhaps we need time to fully understand, process, and engender.

Sometimes looking into darkness, and facing darkness is not such a bad thing. That contrast of seeing ascension in moments of full brightness, and seeing the same energy through darkness is what will help us create that universal space for us to ascend and move to the next step within our journey.