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How to discover your twin flame

Are any of us really certain that the person we think is our twin… is really our twin? Perhaps when we first learn about twin flames we do not know for sure what the answers are, we can only respond to the energy that ...Read More

Why is my twin flame running away?

  If your twin flame is suppose to love you… why is that person running away? We feel it so deep within our hearts the feelings that we discover towards someone that we met, someone that we felt was there all along in some ...Read More

What happens when a twin flame dies ?

  When a twin flame dies, the awakened twin can go back into soul shock for a period of time. They are then joined to the twin flame in soul. What you have to remember is the fact that despite your relationship with your ...Read More

Twin Flames and Past Lives

Twin Flames are a spiritual pair because of the instant and deep love that they feel towards each other, often a direct result of all the past lives that they have encountered. The more past lives you have been in together, the more you ...Read More