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How to get over your twin flame

  I have been asked this question a few times… how do I get over my twin flame? The person asking seems to have come to the conclusion that there is no way that a healthy relationship can be possible at the current time. ...Read More

Why this is the worst time to be in a relationship

Researchers have concluded that towards the end of August and beginning of September is when most couples break up from marriages, or long term relationships. Why is this? Apparently the timing is just right. It’s not around Christmas, so there will be no guilt ...Read More

Twin Flame Cheating

    Not all twin flame unions actually work out, and you may even come to a point where you feel that your twin flame isn’t moving quick enough for you. It is definitely not recommended that you wait around for someone to catch ...Read More

Should I give up on my Twin Flame Runner ?

This is a question that every single awakened twin has asked over the course of their lifetime… should I give up on my twin flame runner? Perhaps the twin flame runner becomes so annoying, you just want to physically smack the nonsense out of ...Read More

Twin Flame Runner Ego

The twin flame runner ego is something that every 5D twin gets tired of. Whilst some female twins have this ego, it is often reported that the male twin carries this often. We live in a world marred and entrenched in power struggles and ...Read More

Forgiveness – should you forgive your twin flame ?

The topic of forgiveness of your twin flame, is a key and crucial one. The propensity to hold grudges against your twin flame is poignant, especially when you have experienced soul shock, and are separating from them. Understanding that in order to give your ...Read More