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How to develop my twin flame telepathy

Developing your twin flame telepathy seems like something that a lot of people would find challenging, however it is quite possible. Twins often know what the other is thinking, without having to say a word. However, if you are finding that your twin isn’t ...Read More

Discover Twin Flame source energy and 5D love

  Connecting to source energy is tremendously important in attracting your twin back to you. Source energy is essentially 5D Love and there are a tremendous amount of questions that you may have when it comes to the topic. The ascension of it is ...Read More

Twin Flames and Telepathy

Ever met a person that you feel you are able to connect with on a higher lever? Perhaps one of telepathy? It might be a deep connection the way thoughts are exchanged between you and this person, or it can be as simple as ...Read More

Why is my twin flame running away?

  If your twin flame is suppose to love you… why is that person running away? We feel it so deep within our hearts the feelings that we discover towards someone that we met, someone that we felt was there all along in some ...Read More

Twin Flames Higher Self and Lucid Dreaming

  This is a brief explanation of twin flames, higher self, and lucid dreaming. One of the most important things to remember about being a twin flame is that if you have overcome your ego, chances are that your twin hasn’t, and will be ...Read More