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Twin Flames and eleven eleven

Twin Flames and 11:11     What is really interesting about the whole Twin Flame scenario, especially when it comes to the 11:11, is that when you start to spiritually awaken, you come to a point where by default you start to see these ...Read More

The one thing that your twin flame desires

The one thing your twin flame desires Do you know what it is? … The type of relationship that a twin flame desires from the spirit is someone who is very open, loving and honest, but that’s not the main one thing… What is ...Read More

The mind of the twin flame runner

All of us like to hate on the twin flame runner. The runner that runs away from true love. Why can’t the runner see how good he/she has got it? We hate and debate on this poor soul, so much. It is rarely does ...Read More

When your twin flame becomes a twin flame runner

When your twin flame decides to run… When we first discover our twin flame we also discover something deeper within us. It’s like part of us has awakened and fully realized that in the universe there are many mysteries that we might be able ...Read More