Regarding your twin flame: 3 things you must do in 2018


The new year brings about so much excitement for us, with reborn hope that we can start off with a fresh new slate. And nothing could be more hopeful that for us to start off a fresh new slate without our twin flame running away and finally seeing us eye to eye while moving forward on building a blooming relationship.

Is this all a fantasy?

It can be a reality, but often times it is not our twin flame’s decision to run away that is hindering this process of connecting. It’s something deeper and counter-intuitive.

Quite often what prevents us from getting that which we hope for, and that we dream about is our own selves.

There are 3 main things that we must do in order to captivate our true twin flame energy and ascend towards a deeper connection with our twin flame.

1. Don’t listen to false voices.

A false voice can be someone telling us that we cannot accomplish something. Whether this person is someone you know, a family member, a spiritual teacher, or even our own selves – having false limiting beliefs will only hinder us.

And of course, most of us say “I know this already,” but it’s not something that you just have to know, it’s something that you have to practice. You have t practice not listening to false voices that limit you. Furthermore, you have to replace it with a voice of productivity, wonderment, adventure, and a voice that is open to improvising and connecting with others.

This usually starts with a voice, one that whispers, and before we know it, we are listening to this voice, even if it originates from within our subconscious.

2. Quit chasing your twin flame.

We do not have to physically chase someone to still be chasing them. Nowadays so many people are just so detached from daily living. They rely on social media for communication, and they won’t even text or follow up with their own close friends. So if your twin does not even get back to his or her close friends… you might not be up there to receive a response right away.

There is no reason to keep texting, calling, or chasing your twin flame – other than if you want him/her to keep running. So what is the answer?

Take the time to feel your inner energy… it’s highs and lows. Work towards changing your energy to move in an upward direction of ascension. Fell good… find ways to be productive and allow that good energy to grow. Through honesty, hard work, and good thinking – you can develop a lifestyle that will attract others, even a twin flame runner.

When we work on our physical state, our health, and our financial matters… these things make us grow. When we develop meaningful relationships with others – it vibrates an outward energy that makes others feel more attracted to us, especially our twin flame.

Remember that your inner energy is connected to your twin, so when you work and improve the different areas of your life – your twin flame also feels this, and the feeling of light resonates within them, even if it’s on a subconscious level.

3. And last but not least is… build a system.

All too often we yearn and wish for things that never come. And it has dawned on me that perhaps when we wish and yearn for something so bad… it perhaps has the opposite effect of what we wish for – and it further drives what we wished for… away.

Wishing and yearning rarely works. That’s because all too often the energy attached to that is one of neediness. And when we become needy towards our twin, or even the universe – we already lost. Yes, this is counter-intuitive from what we see in the movies or fairy tales.

Develop your inner energy to instead bloom feelings of abundance. This creates synergy with such amazing feelings that we create, feel, and that vibrate outwardly to others and across the universe. How do we do this?

Begin by building a system that works for you. One that does not originate from a place of yearning, but one of taking the right actions each day to improve the quality of your life. I know, this does not sound as romantic as chasing after your twin flame, and it’s not, but in real life – unlike the movies, chasing will only make things worst. Instead, learn to love life again, remember those little things that excited you about life before, bring them back, make them grow, and share that energy with others.

Find ways to develop your own system that blooms in creativity, it’s productive each day, and focuses in your inner energy, instead of a desperate outward search of others.

I know I have placed a lot here for you, and perhaps not given you all the answers you seek, especially within this year, but realize that you do not need all the answers right now. You just need enough to take the next step, once you take that step – take the next one, and so on.

2018 won’t be a year in which the answers are important, but rather, a year from which we get the answers and we improve upon those answers.

Whatever comes our way it’s to be handled and sent back out into the universe. We won’t feel overwhelmed by answers that others give us, that our twin flame gives us, but rather, we take those answers and improve upon them.

Ultimately is our inner energy that we reflect upon that will have that most influence in our reality.

Enjoy the ride. You will ascend.