How to heal twin flame runner pain


 Healing twin flame runner pain, comes with time. And more than anything, it comes from healing yourself, and every broken and bloodied shard, that this connection will bring up to release.

So many people do not realise, and do not understand, that when you meet your twin, you are going to have unconscious spiritual blocks that are going to come up for release, and this is the bit that people mistake that “surely, there must be something wrong” because I am feeling this way. So in order to heal pain, the most important thing that society decompresses from us, is actually sitting with the pain. When you sit with your pain, and truly feel it, a very interesting thing happens. You stop feeling the intensity of it, and you slowly build courage, in order to face the painful situation at hand.

Feeling twin flame runner pain is very hard because it leaves you with so many unanswered questions that you can struggle with alone. You may think that you are going mad and that there is something wrong with you, but often times, when you look for spiritual support and then realise that it is a twin flame issue, you stop feeling so lonely.

You have to be very strong, and very courageous to make the active decision to heal yourself of the latent, thousands of years, pain that you are carrying in your karmic imprint and do this with the support of other people who understand your journey, in order to be truly free of all the pain and sadness that the blocks that have come up with.

Healing the runner pain, means that you need to STOP chasing after them, stop trying to get in contact and stop thinking that they have anything to do with your healing.

 Imagine, that they have shown you a wound, a wound you didn’t know even existed, but it was there for eons, and it was keeping you from reaching your true potential in life. Now, that the wound has been exposed, you will find that you have to face the pain, but connecting to the original source that showed you the pain (but not caused it), isn’t going to help settle it. You are going to have to face all your deepest insecurities, wounds, sadness and traumas, in order to overcome this pain.

What is so amazing about this pain, is that it will completely transform you, beyond your understanding.

Once you have given the pain, the chance to completely heal you, and it will not be easy to begin with, the purification process WILL begin, and as you shed layers of your karmic pain, you will ascend further and higher to situations that will demand the best of your consciousness. It is truly a journey to take to enlightenment, harmony, happiness, and it may not seem like what I am saying can ever come through and true in the storm, but it does—and it will.

Understand that letting go of your twin flame runner pain begins by letting go of your ego. This does not mean that you have to become the most humble person in the world, but rather bring your energy to a focus inner center place that allows you to not be reactive to others qualms and moods, and a center that allows your to be productive… regardless of what each day throws at you.

Most people wish and desire for assurances in life. It makes people nervous not knowing what will happen next. If you allow your energy to become more in focus and not be rattled by setbacks, and be okay but not knowing what will happen next – you will be ahead of most people.

Find comfort in knowing that your twin flame energy will always be there for you regardless of what happens next.

When you are conducive and focus on your inner energy, and not focus on reacting to things (especially your twin flame) – that is when you begin to heal your twin flame runner pain.