How Can I Develop My Twin Flame Psychic Energy?


Developing your twin flame psychic energy is simple when you begin the ascension process. The most incredible thing about twin flame ascension is that by default, your psychic ability will increase, and you will find yourself tuning in a lot more to your twin flames energy because you will have the capacity to feel at a heightened level. When you feel at this level, you can have out of body experiences because your energy field is stronger, and it won’t just be at your twin flame’s level, you will more than likely be able to read for people professionally – if you wanted to, because your ability will ensure that you have the power to tune in exceptionally well.

So what are the best ways to develop this energy?  

One of the most commonly known and practiced ways is meditation. Meditation allows you to come out of your physical body and enter your energy body, allowing you to feel the electromagnetic frequency that surrounds you, normally known as your Aura.

Your Aura is basically a bubble you are encased in. As you meditate more frequently, you will find that you are able to tune into people’s thoughts and emotion’s faster, you will be able to tune the dial up psychically… and through telepathy you will be able to shape, bend, and mold emotions and thoughts towards your way.

The main thing to keep in mind is to not to allow people who are spiritually un-awakened to tell you about how this is a weird path to take. You, traditionally will meet a lot of resistance to this, however, as you are able to develop your gift, you will find more of a deeper connection with your twin flame.

Other ways to develop your psychic energy is to keep your auric fields very clear, as well as to make sure that the water you consume has no fluoride in it. The trouble with this, is that it calcifies your pineal gland, ensuring that you will not be able to tune into anything, making your psychic ability something that is incredibly suspicious. When your mind is clear of fluoride, and any lead that is in the water, you will be able to pick up on things that you normally miss out on.

Also, ensure that you are consuming healthy organic foods, because the wrong type of food is extremely acidic, and causes a lot of blockages in your energy system. A lot of people underestimate the power of food impacting your psychic ability. Remember, as your psychic ability increases, so does your twin flames, so essentially you are doing him or her a massive favor when you do this.

All human beings are psychic to a degree, there are just different levels to it. All of us are connected through telepathy, it is just sad that through our water, food, and air, all often being toxic, the ability is dampened down and snuffed out. You can find ways to get around this, and keep your ability sharp and precise to connect to your twin flame.

Overall I would say that it does take work and great awareness to develop your psychic abilities, either through being in an awakened moment through out your day, or via sleep; because psychic ability is also very well possible through lucid dreams, and dream energy.

One take away from this is that through your life and journey, you will come across moments of great psychic awareness. It is up to you whether you want to make those moments evolve or completely ignore them. Being able to read signs when they present themselves, and put them to use, is another art form within itself.

So, first comes the ability to read signs within your journey. By this I mean, being able to sense when something good will soon occur, or trouble (particularly with your twin flame) might develop, or a sign of when psychic energy is presenting itself.

The second phase, besides being able to read signs, is following up and unravelling what a particular sign might mean, specially if it is one that relates to psychic energy.

This has taken me time to fully internalize; the ability to read signs, and the ability to further unravel them, and making sure that I can place them into a productive process, and utilize them when I need to.

Perhaps you will be able to reference and put into use the words on this article into your own journey right away – if you already have a good notion of what this is about.

If you are not there yet with wanting to fully develop your psychic abilities, or even unraveling signs within your journey, that’s alright. Sometimes we have to give time and space before fully internalizing what something might mean, and how to best use it within our own life and journey.

Either way, realize that there is greater spiritual energy power out there, and it is within your own right, and that of your twin flame, to utilize it in your own journey as you best see fit.


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