Does my twin feel my twin flame runner pain?


A lot of twin flames want to know if their twin flame actually feels their pain, and the answer is a BIG YES. No twin flame can go without feeling the other twins pain, as both of them are connected and have been fashioned in a pair. So with that said, your twin will always be in alignment with how you are feeling at present, and even anything that you may be hiding from yourself.

At a vibrational state of being, you are always in the same harmonious frequency as your twin flame, which is the very reason when you start to do the work on yourself, your twin will feel the effects of healing which of course impacts them very well.

So you may be thinking, “Is there any way that I am able to impact my twin to feel this pain I do?”.

After all, you are only human, and there are ways that you struggle to comprehend this new found spiritually laden pain, without going insane.

Rest assured that your twin feels what you feel, but because they are a twin flame runner, they often think that the pain doesn’t exist, or better yet, they can suppress it and not feel it. This is how you end up seeing people in a deep disharmonious state that makes them feel very alone and lost at times. They are ignoring their inner voice, and this often costs people, especially twin flames very badly.

The best thing you can do with this – is really to feel, process, and heal, the pain by not running away from it. Remember, the roles of twin chaser, and twin runner, can often be interchanged easily, so don’t think that to some degree you may not be running away from your own pain.

It is tempting to think your twin doesn’t feel anything, especially if and when they shut you out, because surely someone who is in so much pain doesn’t feel anything. But, if someone didn’t feel that pain, they would feel no need to shut you out.

Twin runners are often in so much pain, and they cannot imagine that a life that they have created for themselves, actually has and can be dismantled so quickly. So in order to hold onto the ego, they shut the twin out, because admitting the fact that they have deep and equivalent feelings for them, means they need to let go of their old life, which they have worked so hard to create.

We sadly live in a society which constantly ensures us that we think logically about everything and we never consult our hearts, or our gut feelings, on anything. This is why the twin flame connection, often takes years, because you have to drop down into what your heart is feeling, and have the power not to fight it. Just know that whatever pain your twin flame is feeling, you will feel and absolutely vice versa.

And overall you’ll find that through life’s constraints people move to always be so busy with things, and all too often “life gets in the way.” Be better than this. Rise above what others see as a hindrance, and know how to captivate time. Use your inner energy, your twin flame energy to move beyond daily obstacles that most people face.

Go beyond pain, frustrations, and obstacles, and be in an energetic zone in which you are descending into a 5D universe. I talked about being ascension before and will be covering it in depth in articles soon to come.

When you practice ascension you will discover that many of the pains that held you back don’t bother you anymore, is as if you have this great power to still be logical, sentimental, yet you can zoom our and get an universal view of what is going on – in order to move beyond blocks and pain. This skill is what ascension and being in a zen like state is about.

We need to move beyond asking questions like:  Does my twin flame feel my twin flame runner pain?

So muster up your inner twin flame energy… what you thought was the end… might actually just be the beginning.