Common myths about Twin Flames




It seems like a lot of people want to find their one true love and then feel that they don’t want to do any work in terms of preparing themselves for a relationship.

Most people have heard Twin Flames to be the one eternal soulmate, and as much that is true, they think you meet one person and call it a day.

Meeting your twin flame transforms your life because you’re often left in more pain than love. The pain is because meeting your mirror half brings up all the pain from your shadow self and untouched wounds. It isn’t a matter of just working through one wound and then getting back together with your twin flame if you are separated.

A lot of twins including myself choose not to be with their twin because on a 3D level, the twin is WAY behind the evolutionary scale and isn’t able to help you achieve what you have set out to it.

It is a common myth to think that once you have met your twin, all will be well and dandy in your life.

Actually, you will most likely end up feeling quite alienated, alone and in a lot of pain as aforementioned. Twin flames pop into our life to show us EXACTLY where we are often going wrong and what boundaries we need to tighten up to be able to flow within self love. However, the most common misconception of twins is the fact that a lot of people mistake them for a soul mate.

A soul mate is a person with whom you can often live in harmony, and don’t feel like you want to strangle them on an hourly basis. Their impact is more of love, peace, and serenity, as opposed to feeling like your world is totally being shattered.

Whilst you feel the soul pull and intense love (and always will, for your twin flame), you will find that it is challenging to often be with them, especially if they themselves haven’t done their soul work. This is why misconceptions surrounding the twins is very common.

A lot of twins think that they can just will away their other twin and the person disappears. The person may disappear from your sight but they won’t be out of your ether, now or forever. Allowing yourself to make peace with that, is critical.

I personally know many twin flames who are so tired of their unawakened twin’s antics that they just want to run away from them.

A lot of people who are spiritual and have found their twin flame, think that if they can just persuade the other twin about their connection, it will be easy.

Hardly likely.

The twin will hit the brakes, turn the car around and drive off so fast, all you will end up seeing is smoke.

So overall, the largest and biggest misconception is that your twin flame is the ONLY person who is right for you. Whilst you will always love your twin unconditionally, it is often times likely that they won’t be. In this case, your soul mate often does the work your twin flame should have done, and loves you without restrictions and abandon.