How to change your frequency to change your reality.

In our daily lives, whether we are fully aware of our inner energy, on unaware, our spirit makes decisions on how to accept those energies… 

do we allow those energies to help us grow?

Or do we allow them to continually keep us down?

These energy fields may have many blocks that turn into habitual patterns, and it gets more difficult to break them down once we allow them to build.

I recently wrote about how our twin flame, or anyone in particular, could perpetuate those energy blocks if we did respond correctly within our own vibrational energy. 

The example I previously gave was that perhaps you can text someone, or write a message to them on Facebook with words of encouragement, or perhaps congratulating them on something they did, or just anything that sends good energy their way… and that person never responds, yet on Facebook all you get to see is the dreaded word in faded gray “seen.” 

This happens to many us all the time, but what matters is as to how you respond.

How do you respond when you put out good energy to others and they don’t respond at all, or respond in a negative manner?

The natural tendency perhaps it would be to respond negatively ourselves and allow those energy blocks to build. 

This is why it is so essential that we become aware of our vibrational energy. Not only on a level in which we put it out to the universe, but more importantly…

How does our vibrational energy react to negativity or energy blocks that are thrown at us?

How to we react when this is done by someone we love deeply?

Here is a secret:

Within our vibrational energy exist vibrational frequencies and on a core and all too often subconscious level this is the energy field that is much like a freeway of our emotions, our hopes, dreams, and yes, the many negative energy blocks that are within those roads.

Those blocks are within us. We need to change this.

We need to get to a point that we no longer allow part of ourselves, or our world, to stop us and block us from the journey that the universe has given us. A journey of wealth and abundance.

The universe has an amazing destination for us.. but it is up to us to overcome those road blocks.

It is up to us to no longer let a reflection of ourselves (our twin flame), or any person or predicament build those negative energy blocks within us.

Yes, we love our twin flame as if they were us — because they are an extension of us, and there is kindness within us for many people and things, yet we must grow and learn to work with our inner frequency so that matches our reality and helps us enjoy the journey… and not allow ourselves to be stalled by any negative energy blocks.

This video below “How to change your frequency to change your reality” expands on that, and gives you some amazing tips that will help you.