Why twin flame love is so powerful


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Loving your twin is a unique and memorable experience, whether you are in a relationship with them or you are in contact but not in a relationship.

Many people will never understand why you can always have a special place in someone’s heart and vice versa, because they do not have the magnetic pull that you have with your twin flame and the building of light ascension. Years and months can pass by and when you reconnect with your twin, it is always magical. Hearts pounds, stomachs flutter and eyes glaze over.

The twin flame love is so powerful that it has the capacity to time shift and freeze time because nothing and no one else exists in the vortex. Light ascensions of twin flames are usually when there is a huge shift going on in the world and they are affected by it.

If your twin flame is currently an ex, you will always be in and out of each other’s lives, and sometimes may not even be aware that you are twins. All you will know is that no other experience can, or will ever live up to the deep lasting affection and bond that you share.

A lot of people inquire if they are the only person who would feel physical and somatic symptoms of twin flame love and the answer is no. If it is a true mutual twin flame connection, then your twin will have his or her heart pounding when they see you, their mouth will be dry, and they will feel giddy and excited to hear, and be around you. It is a phenomenon that most don’t get.

Twin flame love transcends ego or time – it is comfort.

My own twin is one of my exes and he, with no irony, is the only ex boyfriend I would choose to speak with. After we split, and he is the runner—it took me two years to come to terms with it.

Twin love is so deep that I felt my heart chakra was going to kill me with the pain. After the residual karma was processed and I could reach out to him, he was still as magnetic to me and vice versa. Comfort is one of the major signs of twin flame love.

The very first time I met my twin flame, I hugged and kissed him on both cheeks and got into his car. Within 10 minutes, I told him that I felt like I had known him forever and he started bringing up “I must have known you in a past life, you feel too familiar to me!”. As we explored our dynamic, indeed we were together in a past life. The connection was instantaneous and the depth, is phenomenal.

You may even find that you smile like your twin (this is the part that used to freak me out!). I saw a picture of myself with a friend and I saw my twin’s smile instead of my own, which is bizarre. It is almost like we could be related, without it sounding very wrong!

We found out we originate from the same tribe as well as having no earlobes on our ears which is one of the strangest things yet, a huge sign that our souls are literally twin flames. I have dreamt of him and he’s called within a few minutes of me waking up!

Light ascension is amazing, so if you’re on the search for your twin—Keep going, and you will discover why twin flame love is so powerful!