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Discovering the Heart Chakra in Twin Flames

Discovering the Heart Chakra in Twin Flames. The heart chakra for twin flames is very essential to understanding how the entire divine connection works and the reason for the inner energy pull. The heart chakra is based where your heart is, and glows in ...Read More

Discovering twin flame enlightenment

  Entering the twin flame universe itself is enlightenment, which is both astounding and profound. What is amazing when you look at this connection is that soon after meeting your twin, you both separate (usually the runner, runs off!) and you both start your ...Read More

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship often feels like a soul mate relationship, especially with the intensity that can first occur in the relationship. Karmic relationships are often mistaken to be a twin flame or a soul mate because of how they leave you feeling. Deep, intense ...Read More

How long will my twin flame run for?

  Your twin flame will run for as long as they are unwilling to do their own emotional work to face every nuance, nook and cranny that they so desperately seem to want to run away from. Understanding that your twin is so desperately ...Read More