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How to make ascension happen in 5D

Ascension isn’t something that comes naturally, especially if you are still living in a matrix life. Ascension is often the result of a trauma based life that pushes you to seek spiritual clarity, that in turn gives you the push to be able to ...Read More

How to deal with a twin flame runner

How to deal with a twin flame runner   The interesting thing about a twin flame runner is that they love you as much as you love them, if not more. The trouble is that on a conscious level they are asleep and don’t ...Read More

How to get closer to your twin flame reunion

How to get closer to your twin flame reunion   You know you are closer to your own twin flame reunion when you begin feeling your vibrant synchronicity with them developing to a point that it feels so real. That stream of pure love ...Read More

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship often feels like a soul mate relationship, especially with the intensity that can first occur in the relationship. Karmic relationships are often mistaken to be a twin flame or a soul mate because of how they leave you feeling. Deep, intense ...Read More

How long will my twin flame run for?

  Your twin flame will run for as long as they are unwilling to do their own emotional work to face every nuance, nook and cranny that they so desperately seem to want to run away from. Understanding that your twin is so desperately ...Read More