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Discovering the Heart Chakra in Twin Flames

Discovering the Heart Chakra in Twin Flames. The heart chakra for twin flames is very essential to understanding how the entire divine connection works and the reason for the inner energy pull. The heart chakra is based where your heart is, and glows in ...Read More

Twin Flame Merge

twin flame merge When it comes to merging with your twin flame, a lot of people often wonder how it is possible to have the deep connection on a physical level without your twin flame running away from you. Merging with your twin flame ...Read More

Twin Flames and eleven eleven

Twin Flames and 11:11     What is really interesting about the whole Twin Flame scenario, especially when it comes to the 11:11, is that when you start to spiritually awaken, you come to a point where by default you start to see these ...Read More

Twin flame love and fear within 3D and 5D.

Twin flame love and fear within 3D and 5D   The difference between Twin Flames in 3D and 5D is somewhat complex and yet very simple. Most people in 3D might have never even heard of the concept of 5D, let alone try to ...Read More

How to develop my twin flame telepathy

Developing your twin flame telepathy seems like something that a lot of people would find challenging, however it is quite possible. Twins often know what the other is thinking, without having to say a word. However, if you are finding that your twin isn’t ...Read More