Is a twin flame really real?


twinflamerealityIt is a fantastic question to ask if a twin flame is real because with all the hype and drama that surrounds the whole twin flame saga, people start to question if twin flames are really real.

I never knew what a twin flame was until I met my own twin. I met him perchance and I didn’t understand why I felt so deeply for him (and vice versa) in such a short period of time. Lots of people think it is just a “deep” connection, and sometimes your twin flame doesn’t know they are yours (mine surely didn’t!) but we definitely knew that something was very odd about how intensely we felt for the other.

I remember on our second date, he was driving and I brought up the topic and he was laughing saying “I am sure I have known you in a past life!”

Now, granted that the whole world doesn’t have psychic ability, however I do, and as he was speaking I saw a pre-arranged marriage set to take place between us in the early 1800’s in Montilla, Spain. We didn’t get married, because he fled—reminiscent of what happened to our relationship in this plane. However, we are still good friends and keep in touch with him from time to time.

What is important in recognizing is that twin flames is simply how you FEEL about the person.

Your twin flame is introduced to you, for none other reason than to completely break and tear you apart. It may sound very sadistic, however the person you become after you heal from the “damage” is incredible.

I wrote my first book after my twin departed from my life because the pain was so intense, I thought I wanted to die. I channeled all my pain, rage, sorrow and anger, and it is the book  I am BEST known for now.

The best way to figure out if someone is your twin flame is how you again—feel for them.

Whilst I still find my twin attractive and vice versa, we knew that we could never be out of each other’s lives—permanently. Months can pass and sometimes he will send me an e-mail or I will stop by to see him at his office. Point is, that even if we aren’t romantically or sexually involved anymore, the deep bond is always there.

Twinship is something BOTH people feel. It isn’t just about being aroused by someone or feeling like you’re best friends with them.

It is an intoxication that can completely overwhelm and knock you, if you aren’t careful. It surely shocked myself and my twin flame after what we thought was some ordinary date, turned out to be so passionate and deep.

It can be very scary because of how much you feel for someone in such a short space of time.

So in conclusion, yes—twin flames are most definitely REAL because of the explosive feelings of oneness you feel for them. Sometimes I hate my twin flame and I want to throw a brick at his facee, however, all is well when I hug him and it feels “comfortable.”  Like home almost!